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Waverunner is a Pop/Rock band hailing from the Philadelphia area. Drawing from a wide range of influences (The Neighborhood, Michael Jackson, Washed Out and Maroon 5) this on-the-verge artist has combined these styles into an innovative form of new wave/pop. The 6-piece band experiments with tribal percussion, vintage trumpet and atmospheric synths, creating a truly eclectic sound. Their diverse material ranges from rhythmic latin-pop in “It’s Okay to Dance” to “Smoke”, where the band reaches deep into their melodic chill wave roots. Over the last year as a band Waverunner’s positive reception has led to an increased following, landing them shows at larger venues (The Wilmington Flower Market, North Star bar and Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, etc.).  Their debut album "Love Songs" was released in April of 2015 and has already sold over 1000 copies world wide! Waverunner consists of members who have all been a part of other bands (This or The Apocalypse, Me Equals You, The Go Around, ect.) and is sure to keep you dancing all night long. We are Musicians making Music. We are Waverunner. 

Formed in spring of 2014 by Gabe Spadaccini and Troy Hamill, Magnetic North has gone through many temporary members while recording demos and playing the local circuit. In August 2015 long time friend Jack Daqui was brought on to play bass, as well as Pat Heath on drums. The addition of Jack and Pat helped form the band's distinct sound that can be heard in their debut single 'Something in the Water' (released April 22, 2016). With catchy rhythms, melodic guitar riffs and introspective lyrics, the band is able to connect with a broad audience, which has led them to bigger, out-of-state shows in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, and more. A debut EP is expected in June 2016 with a coinciding east coast tour.

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